Welcome to Hope Clinic, a medical work in Guinea, West Africa

Hope Medical Center started out as a small health post. A few years later it received the status of a Medical health center by the Guinean government. Hope is a medical/surgical center in the village of N’Zao, in the southeastern region of Guinea. Your partnership, prayers and help will provide affordable care to some of the poorest people. With our combined efforts we will improve the lives of thousands of people by helping reduce or eliminate sickness and pain.

At this point we are seeing between 80-100 outpatients a day.   There is an average of 30-35 surgical operations a month.  The clinic now has 22 beds, and on most days 20 of those beds are occupied.   The dental clinic sees around 45-50 people a month for extractions, cleaning and fillings.

The name of Hope Clinic has been chosen to express Hope for healing physically but above all Hope for eternal life through Jesus Christ. Throughout the medical care we present the gospel of Jesus to each patient.