Hope Medical Center is staffed by a team of Guinean medical professionals and missionaries who come from around the globe.

Dr. Jean and Jacqueline Yaradouno

Dr. Jean and Jackie arrived at Hope in January 2011. Both are Guineans. They trained in Gabon at the Bongolo Evangelical Hospital. Dr. Jean graduated as a general surgeon through the P.A.A.C.S. program. He is the medical director of Hope Medical  Center.  Jackie has finished her nursing degree, and now has also completed her Mid-Wife Degree. She works part-time in the in-patient ward. They have 2 daughters and a son.

Mr. Ce Seny and Julienne Haba

Mr. Ce Seny began working as the administrative and finance director in January 2017. Julienne is the hostess for the guesthouse. Both are Guineans. They have 2 children.

Dr. Simeon and Kadiatou Guilavogui

Dr. Siméon and Kadiatou started to work at Hope in June 2011. Dr. Siméon is an MD in general medicine. He is head of the out-patient clinic. Kadiatou works as cashier in the mornings and is the medical warehouse manager. They both are Guineans.

Jairus and Adeline Bohimbo

Jairus is a nurse anesthesiologist and Adeline is a nurse and midwife and is the nurses supervisor. They are from Cameroon and Gabon. They both served at C.M.&A.’s Bongolo Evangelical Hospital in Gabon before God called them to Guinea. They have served at Hope since 2007. After receiving his nurses training at Bongolo Hospital, Jairus received further training in administering anesthesia. They have 5 children. In December Jairus and Adeline will be going to Gabon for further medical training, and will return in the Fall of 2018.

Nowei Mamy

Nowei is one of the co-founders of Hope along with her deceased husband Moise. She is  from Guinea. Nowie teaches primary health prevention to patients at the Medical Center and prays with patients on a regular basis.  She is also a gifted evangelist, and shares the gospel with patients. She has five grown children.

Jon and Anja Erickson

They are co-founders of Hope Medical Center.  Jon is involved in community development, church planting/evangelism, and helps in many different roles at the clinic. He is always vision casting for the many different ministries. Anja is an R.N. heading up the medical training programs at Hope. Jon is from the United States of America, and Anja comes from the Netherlands.