Smile Train

Smile Train works with local hospitals world-wide to provide surgery to people born with a cleft lip and palate.  Hope Clinic has been a partner for the last few years and this allows us to offer this surgery to children (mostly) who suffer because of this birth defect.

In January 2019, we started a feeding program for cleft lip babies run by our medical director, another doctor and a nurse.  Many mothers are overwhelmed by having a cleft lip baby and do not know how to feed their babies because of the deformity.  These babies need this team to encourage their Mom and show them how to feed them, so they gain enough weight to be ready for surgery.  Surgery is not done until these babies are at least six months old and weigh 8 kilos.

Mercy Ships

The Africa Mercy has been docked in Conakry since August 2018. During this time they have trained Hope Clinic staff in clubfoot repair, improving our sterilization techniques, operating room protocols, and bow leg and knock knee repair.  They have also helped with hospital equipment and supplies.

CAMA Services

CAMA has been instrumental in getting Hope Clinic off the ground with funding, staffing, and training for almost two decades. Today, since nationalization, they remain a partner but they have returned to their original calling as a disaster relief and development arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

CAMA Zending Holland

CAMA Zending Holland has also been instrumental in starting Hope Clinic, Hope Nursing School and the satellite clinic at Gueasso.   They have sent two missionaries who are full time at Hope Clinic and Hope Nursing School Guinea since their beginning.   A missionary couple who oversaw the building of the Maternity building were sent out by this mission until the completion of the maternity building.

SIGN Fracture Care

The SIGN system is used to treat broken legs and upper arms in low resource hospitals. SIGN nails and fixator plates are designed, manufactured and distributed at their facilities in Washington State, United States of America.  We have been a partner with them since June 2020.  These instruments and nails have helped us to treat people who have had poor results when they went to traditional bone healers.

Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons

Dr. Abraham Camara has started his third year of a surgical residency program at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon.  This is a five year program.  PAACS is Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons and is located in many hospitals is East Africa.  He and his family will return in January 2024 to Hope Clinic to add another surgeon to our staff.   Dr. Camara and his wife welcomed their first son into their family of three girls in August 2021.