Smile Train

Smile Train works with local hospitals world-wide to provide surgery to people born with a cleft lip and palate. Hope Clinic has been a partner for the last few years and this allows us to offer this surgery to children (mostly) who suffer because of this birth defect.  They have also encouraged us to start a feeding program for undernourished children. We started this feeding program in January 2019.

Mobility Worldwide formerly PET International Inc.

This organization gives the gift of mobility through three wheeled carts to those who are unable to walk.


Mercy Ships

The Africa Mercy has been docked in Conakry since August 2018. During this time they have trained Hope Clinic staff in clubfoot repair, improving our sterilization techniques, operating room protocols, and bow leg and knock knee repair.   They have also helped with hospital equipment and supplies.

CAMA Services

CAMA has been instrumental in getting Hope Clinic off the ground with funding, staffing, ans training for over a decade. Today, since nationalization, they remain a partner but they have returned to their original calling as a disaster relief and development arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.