It is August 2019. It has been busy weeks. A team has come from the Netherlands to help, and  thankfully the construction of the nursing school is advancing. The roof is on, doors are in, and the ceiling is painted.

Meanwhile two missionaries are working on the teaching material, finalizing the first year program and getting the administration set up. This is all so that when we do receive permission from the Minister of Professional Education to start we will be ready. We are receiving promising words but so far we have not yet received the official document.

Each classroom will have a TV screen so Power Points and medial videos can been shown. Here are a few recent pictures.



Our School has been officially recognized by the Guinea Government.

Official Nurses training program at Hope Medical Center

Hope started to treat patients in September 2003 with only one medical professional among the staff.

With the Medical Center so close to the second largest city, this has been quite an overwhelming task.

In front of the Clinic

Waiting area

From the beginning we trained staff, so we could divide the tasks among it’s skeleton staff; taking vital signs, preparing prescribed medications and doing wound care. Each year more and more people came to the Clinic for treatment.

Finding other medical missionaries has not been easy. In 2006 the Clinic closed for a year to start a refreshers course for national nurses and hiring the best among them.

The first refreshers course started in October 2006. There were 28 candidates from whom the leadership chose 15 to follow the course. At the end of the 9 month course, 11 of them received a certificate and 7 were hired to work at Hope.


Below you find an overview of all the courses given during the past 11 years.

Year No of students/class No of certificates given No of those hired afterwards
2007 15 11 7
2008 5 3 2
2009 4 4 3
2011 17 15 11
2017 5 5 3
2018 11 10 4

In 2015 the leadership of Hope Medical Center started to pursue their desire to start its own nurse’s training school. The national program is a 3 year program at the end of which is a national final exam.

At graduation the students will receive a national recognized diploma of nursing.

During lots of ups and downs, government changes, the Ebola crisis we were very happy to receive the first desired document: “Permission from the ministry of Health to start the nurses program”.

At this moment, September 2018 the approval process has entered the second stage: “Obtaining permission from the ministry of Education to open the school”.

In anticipation we are waiting and building while the document is being read and checked.