An important ingredient of Hope Medical Center is the integration of short term medical and non medical teams. Hope Center wants you to come and experience demonstrating the Hand of God through our work here. Regular teams are needed for the following areas:

Short Term Evangelistic Medical and Dental Teams

These teams go to either Hope Medical Center or into the areas of Guinea with no medical care. These occur four to six times per year depending on the type of team.

Surgical Teams

We are currently looking for surgical teams. These teams need to be fewer than eight people. We will find patients depending on your specialism. A trip would involve 8-10 days of surgery typically.

General Medical Teams

Primarily for primary care short term bush teams. We do primary care in the village, sleep in tents, and treat 200-400 persons per day. These teams have about 12 people per team consisting of one physician, 3 physicians assistants or nurses, and 6-8 non-medical people for triage, pharmacy, lab, assisting, camp cook, etc. They are a great outreach.

Dental Teams

6-8 people ready for village dental programs. We have the equipment in country for portable dental including restorations. We ask for a dentist, dental assistant, and 4-6 non dental helpers. Usually, these teams operate in remote areas.

Work/Building Teams

These teams of no more than 6 persons help Hope Medical Center with building or maintenance projects. They also help local churches with building or repair, as well as C&MA missionaries with building or housing projects. They are fun and hard work, and really make a difference.

Contact Us to learn more about joining a team made up of member from across the globe or to setup a team from your local church or community.